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Research visits and guest scholars at IMIS 2022/23

Cyntia de Andrade Machado

Cyntia de Andrade Machado, photo: private

PhD topic: Decent work for domestic workers: An analysis of strategies for the ratification and implementation of the ILO Convention 189 one decade after. A comparison between Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Helen Schwenken
at IMIS: Sep 2021 - July 2023
room 03/117

Rawnak Dakelbab

Rawnak Dakelbab, photo: private

MA with distinction, Staffordshire University, UK:
"Forced Displaced Syrian Women in Turkey: Gender Role Shift and Femininity”, Supervisor: Sarah Page

at IMIS: since February 2022
room 03/117

Dissertation project: "A Constructivist Grounded Theory about the Experiences of Syrian Refugee Women in Germany with Gender Specific Honour Codes"


Dr. Mary Rose Sarausad

Mary Rose Sarausad, photo: private

Migration Research
Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok, Thailand

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, 1 Sept - 31 Nov 2023
room 03/325

Research Project: Assessment of Thailand’s Current Policy Response to Forced Displacement and Alternative Pathways for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in a Non-Signatory Country


More info:

Prof. Dr. Aysegul Kayaoğlu

Aysegul Kayaoglu, photo: private

Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Istanbul Technical University

Visiting Scholar at IMIS/ affiliated to the FFVT project, Sept 2022 - Sept 2023, funded by Tübitak

Research Project: The economic integration of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Germany


More info:

Bojana Babić

Bojana Babic, Foto: privat

European Ethnology
Humboldt University Berlin

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, 1 Dec 2022 - 28 Feb 2023
room 03/325

Research Project: Economic practices of displaced Syrians in Istanbul and Cairo / Refugees and Returnees in Ex-Yugoslavia


More info:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bezen Coşkun

TED University, Ankara
International Relations

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, 15 March - 15 June 2023
room 03/325

Research Project: Women Peace and Security Agenda, Women Refugees and National Refugee Regimes


More info:

Feriha Nazda Güngördü, PhD 

Nazda Güngördü, Foto:private

Urban Planning
Çankaya University, Ankara

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, 15 Jan - 15 April 2023

Research Project: Research Project on "Refugees’ housing strategies under precarious conditions and policy/political gaps in migration and asylum governance: Critical evaluation of the Turkish Context"


room 03/325

More info:

Michael Bunch, M.A.

Michael Bunch, photo: private

Modern History
University of Colorado

at IMIS: 19 September 2022 to 1 March 2023,
funded by a Fulbright grant

Research project on post-WWII Germany, the settlement of displaced persons and Heimatlose Ausländer
More information:


Merve Erdilmen

Merve Erdilmen, Foto: privat

Political Sciences
McGill University, Toronto/Canada

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, 27 Sept - 26 Dec 2022

Research Project: Gender mainstreaming practices of refugee-led community organizations (RLCOs) in the areas of protection and refugee status determination at municipal level in Turkey


More info:

Professor Dr. Vladimir S. Malakhov

Prof. Dr. Vladimir S. Malakhov


The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
Department of Political Science

Topic: "Post Communist Central Asia and its Migrants: Exploring the Dynamic of Political Imaginaries (Kyrgyz and Tajik cases)"

Research Scholar of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
at IMIS: 20 Sept - 19 Dec 2022


Daniel Jerke

Daniel Jerke, Foto: privat

Doctoral student at Vienna University
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jannis Panagiotidis
Topic: Polish Asyl Seekers in the West during the Cold War

at IMIS: October/November 2022


Prof. Saniye Dedeoğlu

Saniye Dedeoğlu, Foto: Privat

Professor of Social Policy, Mugla University, Turkey

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, June-Sept 2022

Research project: Gendering Forced Migration and Refugee Studies: The Case of Syrian Women in Turkey


More info:

Jorge Morales Cardiel

Jorge Morales Cardiel, Foto: Privat

Universidad Autónomo de Zacatecas, Mexiko

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, May-July 2022: read more

Research Procect: Differential experiences of forced displacement among Garifuna and Honduran mestizo ethnic groups migrating through Mexico to the United States