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Prof. Dr. Christoph A. Rass |                        Arbeitsgruppe Neueste Geschichte und Historische Migrationsforschung [NGHM]

Rass, Christoph; Sebastian Huhn: ‚Displaced Persons‘: The origins of a powerful political concept, submitted for review, Special Issue, Ethnic and Racial Studies. 

Rass, Christoph; Jessica Wehner: Norms and Marginality in the Post-World War II Migration Regime. The Construction of Muslim ‚Displaced Persons‘ as non-European Others? (WT), to be submitted, special issue @ Journal of Contemporary History. 

Rass, Christoph; Julie Weise: From 'Immigrants' to 'Migrants': Europe, the Americas, and the idea of transborder labor recruitment policies during the interwar period (Buchprojekt Palgrave MacMillan).

Rass, Christoph; Schneck, Peter; Huhn, Sebastian: Translationen von Migration (Sammelband) @IMIS-Migrationsgesellschaften

Rass, Christoph; Catherine Ramirez: Translating „Integration“. A transatlantic Exploration (WT), to be submitted @ Periscope/Social Text

Rass, Christoph; Dalhouski, Aliaksandr, Hennies, Lukas; Jarmer, Thom: Constant transformation: The use of cold war satellite images to document change​s​ on killing sites of the Shoah in Eastern Europe 

Der "Hürtgenwald" im Kontext, hg. mit Mirjam Adam (=Konfliktlandschaften, Band 3).