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IMIS Library

Library of the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS)

photo: Barbara Mönkediek, Universitätsbibliothek


Osnabrück Unversity's Library
IMIS Library
Alte Münze 16
49074 Osnabrück
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Felix Wunder
phone +49 541 969 6443

The IMIS Library is located within the University’s main library at Alte Münze 16 and houses more than 13,500 books as well as approximately 100 journals, covering many areas of migration research. The library collection is organized by a special classification and can be found through the online catalogue OPAC  by it’s label B-IMIS. The IMIS Library is connected to the interlibrary loan system.


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Specific information

Databases: Within the framework of the Database Information System (DBIS), a convenient service for the use of databases for literature and information research, a local database collection on migration research and intercultural studies has been created. DBIS was developed by the University Library of Regensburg as a cooperative service in which numerous libraries throughout Germany are now involved. The databases can be displayed alphabetically or by subject or local collection. The selected offer is constantly updated. For the local database collection on migration research in the Database-Infosystem (DBIS) of the University Library of Osnabrück about 80 databases have been recorded. The collection is updated at regular intervals.

E-journals are listed in the OPAC and in the Electronic Journal Library (EZB). The EZB is a service for the effective use of digital scientific full-text journals (e-journals) on the internet, which is also maintained and developed by the University Library of Regensburg. The titles are collected cooperatively and the data are maintained together in a central database. Due to the high fluctuation, no collection on migration research has been established at this point. Convenient search options, however, quickly lead to the desired results on migration research.

eBooks are listed in the OPAC. For browsing, we recommend a list sorted by disciplines: eBooks

The repository osnaDocs allows all university members to publish their documents online. A detailed description of the tasks as well as the technical, content-related and legal framework can be found in the osnaDocs guidelines. For the Institute of Migration Research and Intercultural Studies own collections are created in osnaDocs.

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