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Internal events, colloquia, guest lectures, IMIS jour fixe

on wednesdays, IMIS meeting room, 03/E23

** Please schedule brown bag sessions via Vera Hanewinkel and Marcel Berlinghoff **
** IMIB colloquium exclusively digital, room can be used for other purposes **

IMIS/SFB Jour Fixe
last change: 16 May 2024
14 May (tue) 16-18, room 11/212 IMIS/SFB Lecture: Assoc. Prof. Luna Vives González, PhD, Montréal University: »Evolving Maritime Search and Rescue along the Border oft he EU: Death, Resistance, Hope«
15 May 14-15 IMIS Brown Bag Session: »Debates on (civilian) sea rescue in a cross-national comparison: Reflections from field research visits to Spain« – a discussion between Maria Ullrich (Forum Internationale Wissenschaft Bonn), Luna Vives (Université de Montréal) and Maurice Stierl (IMIS)
21 May (tue) 8-10:15 IMIB-Kolloquium (digital)
22 May 14-15 IMIS Brown Bag Session mit Alfiya Lyapina, University of Wisconsin-Madison / FFVT-Fellow am IMIS: »Balancing between legal statuses: Syrian survival migrant's agency in Russia«
28 May (tue) 18-20, room 11/212 IMIS/SFB Lecture: Prof. Dr. Steven Vertovec: »Superdiversity and the Production of Social Complexity«
29 May 13:30-15 (online via Zoom) DeZIM-FG Wednesday: Peter Kupka und Martin Brussig (IAQ / InZentIM / IAB): »Jobcenter und psychische Gesundheit von Menschen mit Fluchterfahrung«
29 May 15-16 IMIS Brown Bag Session mit Mert Peksen, Sophie Hinger, Philipp Schäfer und Anna-Lisa Müller zu Exkursionen als Lehrmethode
5 June 14-15 IMIS Brown Bag Session mit Marcel Berlinghoff und Christine Lang: DeZIM-FG & IMSICOE - Ein Einblick in Forschungsnetzwerke des IMIS / Insights into IMIS' research networks
10 June 19-21, Erich Maria Remarque-Friedenszentrum, Markt 6, 49074 Osnabrück Buchvorstellung "Blumen und Brandsätze. Eine deutsche Geschichte, 1989-2023" (Lesung mit dem Autor Klaus Neumann), organisiert von David Templin
12 June 14-15:30 IMIS Brown Bag Session: »Repercussions of the conflict in Palestine and Israel on Germany’s migration society«, organized by IMIS members & staff
18 June (tue) 8:00-10:15 IMIB-Kolloquium (digital)
19 June reserved
25 June (tue) 18-20, room 11/212 IMIS/SFB Lecture: Prof. Dr. Naika Foroutan: »Postmigrant Knowledge Production«. Commentary: Prof. Dr. Janine Dahinden
26 June 13:30-15 (online via Zoom) DeZIM-FG Wednesday: Johanna Gereke, Joshua Hellyer (MZES): tba
3 July free slot
10 July free slot
17 July free slot
24 July free slot
31 July free slot
5 Aug (mo) 9:30-12 IMIB-Kolloquium (digital)
7 Aug free slot
14 Aug free slot
21 August free slot
28 Aug free slot
2 Sept 9:30-12 IMIB-Kolloquium (digital)
4 Sept free slot
11 Sept IMIS talks with... Sevil Çakır Kılınçoğlu on "A comparative analysis of forced migration experiences, social and political activities of Kurdish, Turkish, and Iranian migrant/refugee activist women in Germany"
18 Sept free slot
25 Sept 13:30-15 (online via Zoom) DeZIM-FG Wednesday tba
30 Sept (mo) 9:30-12 IMIB-Kolloquium (digital)
9 Oct free slot
16 Oct free slot
23 Oct 13:30-15 (online via Zoom) DeZIM-FG Wednesday tba
30 Okt free slot
6 Nov free slot
13 Nov free slot
20 Nov free slot
27 Nov 13:30-15 (online via Zoom) DeZIM-FG Wednesday: Andreas Pott, NN: Produktion von Migration. Erste Einsichten aus dem SFB 1604.
4 Dec free slot
11 Dec free slot
18 Dec free slot