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Transfer Project, l-r: facts and fiction, SFB 1604, UOS/NGHM

Transfer Project: Reflexive Migration Research in the Museum. Potentials and Perspectives of Virtual Realities

DOMiD e.V.

Application partner

Prof. Dr. Julia Becker

Julia Becker, Foto: Simone Reukauf

Social Psychology
Osnabrück University

Prof. Dr. Aladin El-Mafaalani

Aladin El-Mafaalani, Foto: Simone Reukauf

Educational Science
Osnabrück University

Prof. Dr. Christoph Rass

Christoph Rass, Foto: Simone Reukauf

Osnabrück University

Prof. Dr. Lale Yıldırım

Lale Yıldırım, Foto: Simone Reukauf

Didactics of History
Osnabrück University

In the form of a real-life laboratory, the project transfers reflexive perspectives and research results into societal practice, and at the same time gains additional data and insights into the production of migration-related meanings. The application partner is the Documentation Centre and Museum on Migration in Germany (DOMiD). The real-life lab uses the potential of two Virtual Reality-tools to give civil society actors the opportunity and agency to bring different and new narratives into the museum and by this to renegotiate the social meaning of migration.