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Former longtime members of IMIS

Dr. Lars Amenda
Modern history: migration and urbanity, global migration, migration and the maritime world, migration and mass culture, migration policies in the 19th and 20th centuries

Prof. em. Dr. Klaus J. Bade
Modern history: Population, economy and migration, integration and minorities, flight and asylum, immigration legislation and migration policies, past and present
Prof. Dr. Michael Bommes (†)
Sociology/methodology of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary migration research. Migration and the political system, migration and organization, migration and social theory, methodological problems of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research
Dr. Anne Lisa Carstensen
Sociology: Labour sociology, trade unions, post-colonial and critical theory, discourse analysis, global production networks.

Isabell Diekmann
Prof. Dr. Christine Dimroth
German studies/Applied linguistics: Language acquisition, multilingualism, discourse and information structure in a cross-linguistic perspective

Dr. des. Samia Dinkelaker
Sociology: Global perspectives on migration; migration, violence and care, sending countries, ethnographic migration research, Southeast Asia
Dr. Anna Flack
Comparative cultural sciences/European ethnology: migration and remigration, ethnology of nutrition, belonging, Russian Germans and (Spät)Aussiedler, ethnological field research
Prof. i.R. Dr. Peter Graf
Intercultural education: Research on bilingualism and bilingual education, language acquisition and early acquisition of foreign languages, education and learning with german as a second language, intercultural and interreligious dialogue
Prof. i.R. Dr. Siegfried Greif
Industrial and organizational psychology. Occupational biographies, unemployment of migrants, social and intercultural competence

Prof. Dr. Angela Grimm
German lingustics and language studies: first and second language acquisition, speech diagnostic, disorders of speech development

Dr. Laura Haddad
Social geography
Lisa-Marie Heimeshoff
Soziology: Social movements; migration and work; minorities; trade unions; Central and Eastern Europe
Prof. Dr. Leonie Herwartz-Emden
University of Augsburg, general pedagogy/women’s studies. Effects of migration on education, socialisation and school, family and gender relations, children’s and adolescents’ acculturation, methodical and methodological problems of interdisciplinary and intercultural research.
Prof. Dr. Uwe Hunger
Political science, sociology of interdisciplinary migration research: International migration politics; migration and development; state, civil society and integration; demographic change; ethnic economy
Prof. i.R. Dr. Heidi Keller
Psychology of human development. Patterns of early socialisation and its consequences for human development across cultures, changes in ideologies of education and parental behaviour
Dr. Holger Kolb
Political science
Prof. Dr. Wassilis Kassis
Dr. Olaf Kleist
Political sciences
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Krause
Flucht- und Flüchtlingsforschung
Prof. em. Dr. Utz Maas
General and Germanic linguistics. Linguistic typology and language contact, migration and language culture in the Maghreb
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mehlem
Prof. i.R. Dr. Hans-Werner Niemann
Social history and history of economics: Economics, society and technology in modern Europe
Dr. Johanna Neuhauser
Prof. Dr. Jannis Panagiotidis
Modern History: Migration history; German history; Jewish history; East European history; Greek history; post-socialist economic transformation
Prof. Dr. John Peterson
University of Kiel/Germany, linguistics and indology. Multilingualism, language contact, codeswitching; literacy acquisition in the context of migration, South Asian languages; Maltese.
Prof. Dr. Lisa Rosen
Hon. Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert
University of Osnabrück, intercultural management. Management in China, international human resources management, strategies for internationalisation of small and medium-sized businesses.
Dr. Michael Schubert
Modern History: imperialism, racism and colonial migrations, images of foreigners and discourses, migration and illegality in the 19th and 20th centuries
Dr. Helge Schwiertz
Sociology: Migration and border regimes, (pro-)migrant organization, social movements, Citizenship Studies, democracy and political theory
Simon Sperling
Social Sciences
Dr. Inken Sürig
Ethnology/African studies
Prof. Dr. Malte Steinbrink (†)
Social Geography
Prof. em. Dr. György Széll
Prof. Dr. Melanie Ulz
History of Arts
Prof. i.R. Dr. Albrecht Weber
Public law. Refugee and aliens’ law, comparative constitutional law and European law
Prof. i.R. Dr. Hans-Joachim Wenzel (†)
Social geography. Regional training and labour market research, research on developing countries, rural regional development and migration in sub-Sahara Africa
Maren Wilmes
Sociology and migration research:
Integration processes in municipalities, irregular migration, healthcare of unisured migrants, migrant engagement.