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C2 ›Unmaking Migrants?‹ The Production of the EU’s Internal and External Borders and their Effects in Historical-Postcolonial Perspective

Prof. Dr. Christiane Reinecke

Christiane Reinecke, Foto: Sophie Hinger

Europa-Universität Flensburg

This project examines how the distinction between Europe’s external and internal borders was produced and how mobile groups came to be categorized at these borders. Using the example of three border spaces between France and its neighbouring countries, it explores local practices of ›doing border‹ and analyses how historical actors draw the line between the inside and the outside of society. The project asks how certain groups were categorized as ›intra-European‹ travellers while others retained or newly gained the status of, among others, ›non-Europeans‹, ›foreigners‹ or ›third-country nationals‹.