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C1 The Production of Urban Spaces of Migration by Local Administrations and Science

Prof. Dr. Jochen Oltmer

Jochen Oltmer, Foto: Simone Reukauf

Osnabrück University

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pott

Andreas Pott, Foto: Uwe Lewandowski

Social Geograpy
Osnabrück University

The project investigates the co-production of urban spaces of migration by municipalities and social scientists. It aims at a reflexive analysis of the scientific spatialisation of migration in cities and urban neighbourhoods and its interrelation with the spatialised knowledge produced in and by cities (e.g. statistics, maps and social reports). The analysis is based on four interconnected case studies on the processing and visualisation of statistical data, on cross-contextual actor networks, on municipal organisations and on travelling spatial concepts, such as »parallel socie-ties« and »arrival neighbourhoods«.