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Forschungsaufenthalte am IMIS seit 2021

Dr. Nino Aivazishvili-Gehne

Dr. Nino Aivazishvili-Gehne, Foto: RUB

Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET)
Universität Wien

am IMIS: Juli-September 2021

Forschungsprojekt: The search for the "good life" in Germany (Osnabrück)


Rawnak Dakelbab

Rawnak Dakelbab, Foto: privat

MA with distinction, Staffordshire University, UK:
"Forced Displaced Syrian Women in Turkey: Gender Role Shift and Femininity”, Supervisor: Sarah Page

am IMIS: ab Februar 2022

Dissertationsprojekt: "A Constructivist Grounded Theory about the Experiences of Syrian Refugee Women in Germany with Gender Specific Honour Codes"


Jorge Morales Cardiel

Jorge Morales Cardiel, Foto: Privat

Universidad Autónomo de Zacatecas, Mexiko

Fellow in the FFVT project at IMIS, May-July 2022

Research Procect: Differential experiences of forced displacement among Garifuna and Honduran mestizo ethnic groups migrating through Mexico to the United States


Anne Schult

Anne Schult, Foto: privat

Modern European History

Ph.D. candidate, New York University, with research focus on the intersection of migration, law, and demography. She is particularly interested in the impact of the quantitative social sciences on migration control and resettlement schemes in the western world, as well as the rise of population as a concept in the 20th century. Her dissertation research on the history of refugee statistics between the 1920s and 1960s has been supported by the Social Science Research Council, Fulbright, and most recently the DAAD. Currently one of the main editors of the Journal of the History of Ideas Blog
Her work on the history of demography has recently appeared in History of European Ideas.

Virtual Guest at IMIS from March to December 2021


Dr. Cavidan Soykan

Cavidan Soykan, PhD, photo: Türker Soykan


Virtual Guest Scholar at IMIS, 1 Nov 2020 - 31 Dec 2021