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INCLUSIVITY: Inclusivity Norms to Counter Polarization in European Societies


Prof. Dr. Maartan van Zalk
Osnabrück University
Institute for Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Seminarstr. 20
room 15/308
49074 Osnabrück

Förderung: VolkswagenStiftung
Laufzeit: 2021 bis 2024

Prof. Dr. Maarten van Zalk, Universität Osnabrück, Institut für Psychologie / IMIS
Prof. Dr. Marcin Bukowski, Jagiellonen-Universität (PL)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Christ, Fernuniversität Hagen
Prof. Dr. Mirinda Lubbers, Autonome Universität Barcelona (ESP)
Prof. Dr. Eva Jaspers, Universität Utrecht (NL)


Our project addresses the growing polarization in European societies. It will examine inclusivity norms, which are social group norms that promote tolerance and the willingness to interact and collaborate with opposing groups. Our innovative interdisciplinary approach will provide a unique view of how inclusivity norms in polarized settings are transmitted, how they can effectively reduce conflicts between opposing groups, and how they can be promoted.